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July 6, 2017
Grammar help with your essay – The Correct Use of Prepositions

The correct use of prepositions is extremely important in essay writing and in attaining a high grade in an essay that is about a highly complex topic. You see, when marking your paper, your professor is not just looking for the content you have written. You writing skills are also taken into account, and make up a large part of your grade. As such, it makes sense to brush up on grammar rules that you may have forgotten since Elementary/primary School. Prepositions, in particular, give college students many problems, and we receive many requests in regards to explaining prepositions in details. Thus we have decided to make an article explaining everything to do with prepositions in detail.

Advice on Essay Writing

It is extremely important to understand the proper usage of prepositions. A preposition is a word that shows the relationship is space or time between two or people, place and things. Prepositions are usually followed by a noun phrase or a pronoun. Now, we should also quickly go over the meaning of a noun and pronoun, since we are on the topic of grammar!

A noun is a word used to name a person, place or a thing. A pronoun is a short word used instead of a noun. With that out of the way, we will provide you with a few examples of prepositions in action, so you better understand their use. For example, prepositions can be used to describe the position of something:
• Her bag was on the chair
• The apartment was over the store
Prepositions can also be used to tell the time when an event occurred:
• He arrived on Saturday
• My class will start at 11 am
Prepositions can also be used to describe the way in which something is done:
• We went to the village by car
• They stared at each other without uttering a word
Sometimes, prepositions are composed of more than one more. Examples of this are as follows:
• They moved here because of the baby
• The hotel is located on top of a cliff
There are over 100 pronouns in the English language. The following are some of the most common prepositions that are used:
• About
• Beside
• Between
• Of
• Towards
• Across
• Beyond
• Off
• Under
• Underneath
• Outside
• Upon
• Round
• Since
• Without
• Below
• Into
• Beneath
• Like
• Through
You will have no doubt met many more prepositions than ones we have listed above, and now you will be more knowledgeable on where, how and when to use prepositions in your writing; remember, they are extremely important.

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Completing the Best Essays

When writing your paper, always keep in mind that the best essay in your class will not only have great content but also immaculate use of prepositions and a general awareness of English grammar rules. If you fail to comply with English grammar rules, then you will not be able to attain your full potential in your writing.