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July 10, 2017
11 Hottest and Actual Essay Topics for Students in the UK

Choosing a topic for your paper is really important when writing an essay. It can help you to nail your paper or fail it completely. When you’re choosing something that doesn’t interest you, it turns to disaster. But it’s hard to come up with something creative on your own, so it’s good to use a list of the hottest topics students use.

Mastering Essay Writing: Topics UK Students Choose a Lot

1. Brexit – my own opinion.
This was and is the most discussed thing in the UK, so you still can write your own thoughts on the topic. If you need some essay help with this one, you can find a lot of good video materials for yourself. Take a look at those regulations EU imposes and how those change the economy.
2. Growing muslim population in London.
It’s a fact that London now has more than 50% of immigrant and non-British population. Does it present any danger to cultural values and morality in the UK? Have you been to London? Do you see any difference? Compare it to the state of other big cities in Europe.
3. Improving educational system in my country.
This is a big issue and you as a student know everything about it. You can stress the standardized tests or the way schools work, or the lack of extra-curriculum activities in your area, etc. How you can change it?
4. The most influential person in British history.
This is fully your opinion and you can name anyone British who really changes the ways of the country. Who brought that change, was it positive or negative and why do you think that person is important?
5. Feminism in the UK: past and present.
Feminism is a big thing and there are a lot of movements and groups that fight for the rights of women. You need to analyze how did the movement (especially in the UK) changed over the course of history and if that was a positive change.
6. The state of ecology in my area.
A lot of kids worry about ecology and the global warming. Take a closer look at the issue, describe what you personally do to improve the state of ecology and what can be done in a broader perspective?
7. Welfare state and the changes it brought.
Right now the government takes a lot of influence over the lives of the people. Is it good? When did it start? How big is the government and how big it should actually be? Also try to think how much do people and their values change when they know they can always put their troubles on someone else’s shoulders.
8. EU and its influence on the UK.
This is not so much about Brexit, but about the overall influence of the EU over the UK.
9. Was losing empire a good thing?
British empire was huge, but now it’s completely gone. Was that a good thing for other peoples and the UK in general?
10. Harry Potter and its influence on our culture.
It’s probably the most influential story we have and people love it still. It’s still a bestseller and it really changed our ways. Analyze the values of this book and how it shaped our society.

11. May 2017 Manchester attack.
This was pretty recent, and it really shocked our society. Compare it to other similar attacks, state your opinion and why those things happen more and more often?

3 Reasons Why Choosing a Topic Is Crucial for God Essay Writing

1. You’re only good when you’re passionate.
When you’re writing on something that you really like, you change. There is a huge difference in the way you write and it’s impossible to not notice that. So when you’re choosing a right topic, you have all the power.
2. Only actual things are interesting for others.
You also have to choose something that is of particular interest for the society. If you’re writing on the premiership of a person people don’t discuss much, the paper is already dull.
3. It’s your help to yourself.
Not all the topics have enough information about them, so you need to do some research before you actually choose. You can choose something that gives you plenty of new ideas and data, and you don’t want something that only has a couple of lines about it. If you’re given a boring topic, you can always turn to an essay writing service to get it done for you.

Essay Writing Tips: Your Short Guide to Choosing a Topic

• Check the news.
If there is something important happening there, you can think of writing about that.
• Think of those things you’ve already written on.
Changing the angle or approach can be really good for you. It’s not the easiest thing, but you already have some work done.
• Go with the crowd.
It’s not the best thing to go against the flow here, as you want to have enough sources and attention to your topic.
As you see, you can make it so much easier for yourself if you choose the right one. Try to stay within your sphere of interests, as leaving your comfort zone is not the best thing you can do here.