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June 21, 2017
Correct Use of Capital Letters Where to Find Writing Help

Sometimes, when you write essays on extremely complicated topics at university and college, you can lose sight of the smaller nuances of paper writing, when you are mainly concerned with the bigger picture. However, proper use of grammar is extremely pivotal for success in your essays. If you make improper use of grammar, then this can aggravate your professor and the people who read your writing. Keep in mind that it is not the average Joe who will be reading your work, but extremely educated and well read professionals! With this in mind, it is a good idea to go back and refresh your memory on basic grammar rules, and in this article, we will look at the correct use of capital letters in UK essays.

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The use of capital letters is extremely important in ensuring that your paper is easy to read. Without capital letters, and their correct use, your writing can become extremely hard to decipher, and this can become an annoyance for your reader. You do not want to waste the great content you have written just because you could adhere to a few simple capitalization rules in the English language! The best essays always have proper use of capital letters.

As you may know, there are many cases in which capital letters need to be used, and we will show them now:
• You should always capitalize the first word of a quotation. E.g.: Mary said, ‘You are not my friend.’
• Proper nouns are always capitalized. Essentially, this means that names of people, specific places and things all start with a capital letter.
• Capitalize directions when they refer to a specific region. E.g.: The North London region
• All large words of a movie or book should be capitalized, whereas all small words should not be capitalized. E.g.: War of the Worlds
• You should capitalize words that follow on from proper nouns.
• When two or more sentences follow from a colon, capitalize it. E.g.: You should follow our command: Do not watch the TV. However, if a list follows from a colon, then you should not capitalize the list.

These are the main capitalization rules you should keep in mind when you compose your paper. Remember, it is pivotal that you follow these rules for better readability of your writing. You will experience far more success when you implement these rules into your papers and writing in general.

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As you can see, a large impact can be made on your marks if you master the correct usage of capitalization in your writing. Keep this article saved for you to refer to when you are in the midst of composing your paper.