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July 10, 2017
11 Hottest and Actual Essay Topics for Students in the UK

Choosing a topic for your paper is really important when writing an essay. It can help you to nail your paper or fail it completely. When you’re choosing something that doesn’t interest you, it turns to disaster. But it’s hard to come up with something creative on your own, so it’s good to use a list of the hottest topics students use. Continue reading

July 6, 2017
Grammar help with your essay – The Correct Use of Prepositions

The correct use of prepositions is extremely important in essay writing and in attaining a high grade in an essay that is about a highly complex topic. You see, when marking your paper, your professor is not just looking for the content you have written. You writing skills are also taken into account, and make up a large part of your grade. As such, it makes sense to brush up on grammar rules that you may have forgotten since Elementary/primary School. Prepositions, in particular, give college students many problems, and we receive many requests in regards to explaining prepositions in details. Thus we have decided to make an article explaining everything to do with prepositions in detail. Continue reading

June 27, 2017
Common examples of Confusing Words

Grammar is of utmost importance when you are composing your paper. Not only does it aid your reader in understanding your work but also it is also heavily marked and monitored by your professors. If you do not make a good effort to keep an eye out for your grammar, it is likely you will not experience much success when you write essays. Thus, in this article, we will discuss, at length, some important grammar rules, in particular confusing words in the English language, and give examples of how to properly use confusing works in your writing. Continue reading

June 21, 2017
Correct Use of Capital Letters Where to Find Writing Help

Sometimes, when you write essays on extremely complicated topics at university and college, you can lose sight of the smaller nuances of paper writing, when you are mainly concerned with the bigger picture. However, proper use of grammar is extremely pivotal for success in your essays. If you make improper use of grammar, then this can aggravate your professor and the people who read your writing. Keep in mind that it is not the average Joe who will be reading your work, but extremely educated and well read professionals! With this in mind, it is a good idea to go back and refresh your memory on basic grammar rules, and in this article, we will look at the correct use of capital letters in UK essays. Continue reading

May 20, 2017
Grammar help with your essay – Using Adjectives and Adverbs

Writing with proper grammar is pivotal in ensuring success in your essay writing. In fact, your chances of scoring a high grade increase dramatically the better your grammar is. It may feel counter intuitive, as you think that the content of your writing should take precedent over pesky English grammar rules, right? Well, you are wrong.

Grammar is a pivotal aspect when you write essay. Think about it: if you have to read something that is riddled with simple mistakes, will it not aggravate you that the writer could not take a few moments to learn simple grammar rules? Well, if you answered yes (and don’t lie to us, you definitely did!), then you will know that this is exactly how your own professor feels when they have to read work that repeatedly makes many simple grammar errors. Continue reading